First Ukrainian Baptist Church has been established in the suburbs of great Seattle, in the state of Washington, in the summer of 1995. Forty-five individuals became members during the first official gathering of the church. In the following few months, about thirty more joined. Immediately church spun into motion of life; choir formed, children’s ministry in Sunday school began. Regular church services took place on Fridays and Sunday afternoons. Since the Ukrainian church did not own a church building, an American church building was rented. Believers of the local church were so welcoming, that the Ukrainians were able to use the church building as their own. Especially pleasant was Pastor John’s brotherly relation to the Ukrainian church.

The church developed and grew in number. These years marked a great flood of immigrants coming from Ukraine, as a result, the church grew bigger and bigger annually, and the church building became smaller and smaller. The Lord had His plan for the Seattle church. One of the pastors from an American Baptist church on 22nd street in the city of Auburn, proposed the Ukrainian believers an alternative; move to the building of his church building. FUBC members were thrilled to accept the invitation, and began gathering at the new location. Lord generously blessed the church, and new immigrants continued to join, thus it was only a few short years before the new building also became too small. Church leaders started to dwell on the idea of purchasing their own church building. The church started to collect finances, meanwhile switching to a bigger church location once more as the number of members continued to grow.

In 1999, a group of men from Ukrainian church along with Pastor Ivan Lychik, stumbled upon an unfinished building of a Lutheran church, which they eventually purchased and finished building.

In the spring of 2000, First Ukrainian Baptist Church stepped in the doors of their own church building at last, where services continue to happen until this day.

During the seventeen years of church existence, pastoral ministry was carried out by brother Ivan Lychik, Konstantin Kachmarchik, Igor Zaviryuha, with the help of other brothers and elders.

From the beginning of church establishment, four new churches were created from FUBC roots. The church has reached its largest number of members between the years of 2006 and 2007. During that period of time, the church held 640 members. Today, the number of members is totaling over 530. Regular part of church services are three choirs, brass band and string orchestra. Sunday school continues to develop in children’s ministry. Time from time, children’s choirs take part in the services. The Lord has blessed the church with a large amount of youth. Almost every summer, a group of youth visits Ukraine to organize and work in Christian Kids camps. Division of charity helps orphans and widows. Prayer group gives thanks and brings all church needs to our Lord in prayer. Women’s ministry services take place. Frequently, First Ukrainian Baptist church is visited by guests. The church has frequent communication with surrounding brotherly churches. For a number of years now, teaching in Bible Seminary take place, establishment of which is upheld by brothers of Borislavska Spiritual Seminary in Ukraine.

Currently, documents are in being processed for a new church building at a new location in the city of Federal Way. Until this day, the church is developing spiritually and actively works to build God’s heavenly kingdom.